A Baby Loves Us!

Hello (Hooded Fang),

I was at the Cuff the Duke/Hooded Fang show in the Saskatoon (Amigos Cantina) on the 5th of November. After the show I had a chance to talk to Daniel for a bit and it came out that my son (18 mths) really loved the first album, Album. Basically, it has been over a year now that we have been listening to the album and it is quite obviously Alistair’s favourite music. If we are in the car, and not listening to it, he is loud and unruly. However, as soon as we put it on, he bobs his head back and forth, and usually lets out a little squeal of delight.
Likewise, at home, while he enjoys other music, there is a certain gleam in his eye as soon as he hears the opening notes of “Younger Days” and he usually runs into the living room to dance to the tunes. We have been consistently listening to the entire album two to three times daily for the past year and a bit. At first, it was because I was so into the album, but it soon became Alistair’s choice. And why not comply, it’s a great album.
Anyway, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to the band in putting out an amazing album that has stood out among the plethora of indie music that is available today. Also, I was able to capture Alistair’s exuberance with the album last night, so I thought you may like to see it.
Keep doing what you guys do, it is both amazing and refreshing!
Take care,
Ryan Cey (& Alistair)

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