Occupy Regina

Strong and heartbreaking. In the morning, Baby crawled out of her young parents’ tent. She was kinda stuck between the actual tent and the tent’s covering. Her cute little face kept peeking out so I finally helped her out. She was wet from the grassy dew. And her clothes were dirty. And it looked like her diaper was way over due for a change and had soaked through her pants. Her face was covered in her mucus and she had a terrible smoker’s-like cough. When she crawled out, she had a rolling paper stuck to her hand.

I led her to the food tent and she hung on tight to my fingers. Got her face all cleaned up and we had breakfast in the sun together. From the time someone woke her parents up and told them that she needed a diaper change to the time they actually came out to do it was over 25 minutes. Poor Baby.

I was told that her super young parents are in transition. Left their town because of the bad influences there. They’re in search for a new place to plant their roots and make a better life for their two babes. It didn’t seem they were at Occupy Regina to support the cause, but because it was a place to stay.

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