apes #4: Warm folk in a Cold World

We had a good show at Park Theatre. Another sit down audience, but their hoots and hollers indicated they were having a good time. Thanks for letting the band crash again, Mike! While the boys played pool after the show, I found myself around a warm sacred fire at Occupy Winnipeg. There were less than 20 tents set up. Only a few people around. Lucky me, I got offered another tent to myself. The beat of the djembe and the fire lasted all night – – – I think its been burning for days since some local elders started it. The morning was more lively. Everyone around the fire. One of the beautiful things about this occupation was all the walks of life that were present: really young, super old, working people, homeless people, Ojibwe, Inuit, Cree, Filipino me, white Canadians. I met some lovely elders who took care of me and everyone else around there. Fred told me that he was there because he was part of why this was all happening. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was homeless or Native or both. His face was weathered but handsome. Isaac and Mary Ann (pictured below) were there, hoping for a better day, knowing that we could get there together. Winnipeg is freezing cold but its folk are super warm.

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