april’s #3: Alright, some small gender observations

It was cold!! But the Thunder Bay crowd, as usual, was super warm. Cuff are so good. We stayed at good ol’ Sam’s grandma’s house. I finally got to do laundry (when we left on Wednesday, I only packed dirty clothes – – – sorry mom). I wonder if doing laundry and preparing food at 2:30AM is related to gender or to personality. Probably a bit of both. (Taking after mom!) I know I said that I was aborting the gender social experiment, but that doesn’t mean that I can help but observe differences.

Who knew that the boys would be so concerned about who the smelly half of the band was?!?! Pictured here, they are demanding for me to tell. I’ll never name names.

Book keeping with a pen for a cigar:

Mostly because the lady in the band demanded it, we picked up groceries before heading to grandma’s… and we found Nick’s article in Reader’s Digest! It made the cover! The second portrait in the mag is of Nick. Jamie the cashier, is running away from the camera.

There was no occupancy in Thunder Bay. There were a solid 15 that showed up on Saturday for a few hours. I’m looking forward to joining Occupy Winnipeg tonight though. So glad that its warmer here. So glad to see that Occupy Toronto is going strong!

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