april’s entry 2: Occupying Canada Instead

Day 2: I am aborting my gender-based social experiment. The myth that boys smell isn’t entirely true. Half the men in our van smell, the other half don’t, and I fall somewhere in the middle. So far, our differences have not been major and seem to be more cultural and political. One small example: I am traveling with a tabo and keepin’ it fresh. Last night I opted out of the hotel, and joined the Occupy Sault Ste Marie movement instead. It was super small, especially in comparison to the occupancy I slept at in Toronto the night before, but super powerful. I met Danielle and Chris, a sweet couple that started the occupancy over there. It started off with just the two of them and the numbers have slowly been growing. There were no more than 15 folk when I was there. People dropping in and out at different times of day and days of the week. Chris and Danielle were filled with passion. And hope. Danielle gave me my own tent to sleep in for the night! I fell in and out of sleep. It was cold. And rainy. And I woke up a bit damp. And I was sad when I left in the morning… it seemed that most of those that stayed the night were homeless. They were just under a tarp. And were super cold. And got rained on.

Anyway, my travel/me + ten men journal is now an OCCUPY CANADA journal. I was sad to be missing out on the excitement at Occupy Toronto, but now I get to go to many of the occupied cities along the way! The journal will travel across mid and western Canada and will serve as a place for people in different occupancies to share their ideas, expressions, thoughts, drawings, related to the occupancy. Not too sure what will become of this journal yet. I do think that it will be exciting for people to get their message out across the country, and see that they are not alone. If anyone has other ideas for my occupying travels, please do share!

Last, we had a wicked show with Cuff the Duke last night at Lop Lops! We added two brand new songs to the end of our set. It was a good way to kick off our tour. Thunder Bay will be fun tonight.

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  1. Amazing! Thanks for the support :)!! We’re glad you stayed with us, you were asleep when I got back anc gone when I woke up, but it was great to meet you and we’re honoured to be your first stop in the journal, we may be small but we are growing quickly! Thanks for all your support!@! Much love and hope your tour goes well.

    Send us some music! We’ll rock out your tunes and print the blog out!

    -Occupy SSM

  2. Ps Anywhere to buy your music or order it online? Really love the sound, we want to help support you guys for being so great and considering us on your canadian journey!

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