Occupy Regina

Strong and heartbreaking. In the morning, Baby crawled out of her young parents' tent. She was kinda stuck between the actual tent and the tent's covering. Her cute little face kept peeking out so I finally helped her out. She was wet from the grassy dew. And her clothes were dirty. And it looked like... Continue Reading →


Regina; Everyday on the Road

The Exchange in Regina the other night was a super fun show. Great crowd. Wayne + AJ were up to no good but we got 'em back. All I'll say is that someone cornish henned out on cornish henning and opted out for a less dirty but still distracting action and got double mooned. Poor D.Alex got... Continue Reading →

apes #4: Warm folk in a Cold World

We had a good show at Park Theatre. Another sit down audience, but their hoots and hollers indicated they were having a good time. Thanks for letting the band crash again, Mike! While the boys played pool after the show, I found myself around a warm sacred fire at Occupy Winnipeg. There were less than... Continue Reading →

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