Who’s Drinking for Dinner?

A looooooooong but fun day yesterday of shooting for Who's Drinking for Dinner? at the Menalon on Bloor. The crew was super to work with and the puppets were awesome. Really glad that we get to play in a band though, and not have to perform as a theatre troupe.


¡We Love CHUO!

Emma at CHUO (Ottawa) is the bomb. Thanks for having us play live on your show before our show at Maverick's. Mico Mazza, thanks for the photos yo.

Our Sweatiest Show Yet

The BUZZ RECORDS Garage got steamy real fast. The night opened with the sweet tunes of Moon King - - - Daniel + Maddy wailing their summer hearts out to the crowd. Sean Nicholas Savage sang a couple of songs then he was suddenly on another planet. The wilderness was calling him. He answered. Left the Garage. Glad he... Continue Reading →

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