Winnipeg + Saskatoooooon

Hohhhleeee – – – sittin’ in a van for 10 hours in the middle of nowhere for a 45 minute show is kinda nuts. And sometimes drives us crazy. But we’re doin’ it. And these shows were SOLD OUT. And were pretty rad. Lovely to meet up with The Rural Alberta Advantage and get zapped with their adrenaline rush. They even had the whole Winnipeg crowd shout “Happy Birthday” in chorus to april. Thanks for the birthday drinks Saskatoon strangers! And thanks for the birthday tat Saskatoon…and bandmates! I know you put most of the money in that cup… pretty sweet seeing you try and be sneaky about it xo. Got it the next morning before we hit the road for EDMONTON.

At one point, a gas attendant looking out the window says to Nick, “Why she doing like that?” Nick turns around and sees april in her pyjamas, by herself, running on the spot in the empty parking lot, kind of like a crazy person.

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