Sweeeet Northern Ontario

Christmas is coming!! Beautiful icy lakes. Snow for days. Oh the babes would be happy. Super nice folk! Lightmares played a show just for us in their Sudbury garage. And they really gave it! What heartthrobs. MAY 3RD, CATCH THEM IN TORONTO AT 73 CECIL (with apes + dan’s surf-punk band). Steve at Lop Lop’s in Sault Ste. Marie put us up in a hotel. Sweating piggies in a blanket. Derek of Wax Philosophic in Thunder Bay brought us home where his momma made us breakfast and his pops sent us off with a Caribou Kolbassa from a beast he hunted. Alright, alright… after loading up all the photos, I realize it looks like we are just on a fun Canadian winter slowly melting into spring road trip – – – but we can’t photograph ourselves while we are on stage! We’ll work it out. The crowds were pleasant and the shows were a good warm up for our first show with the RAA, in Winnipeg. (P.S. The giant nickel isn’t even made of nickel)

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