some more shwag from the west



The Starlight Room was fully packed with a sold out show. It was an extra energetic crowd, stoked to see their hometown babe Nils Edenloff of the RAA. The crowd was pretty enthusiastic for us too, with one wild lady screaming "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" at Daniel (then shouting at him, "You're shyyy".... Continue Reading →

Winnipeg + Saskatoooooon

Hohhhleeee - - - sittin' in a van for 10 hours in the middle of nowhere for a 45 minute show is kinda nuts. And sometimes drives us crazy. But we're doin' it. And these shows were SOLD OUT. And were pretty rad. Lovely to meet up with The Rural Alberta Advantage and get zapped... Continue Reading →

Sweeeet Northern Ontario

Christmas is coming!! Beautiful icy lakes. Snow for days. Oh the babes would be happy. Super nice folk! Lightmares played a show just for us in their Sudbury garage. And they really gave it! What heartthrobs. MAY 3RD, CATCH THEM IN TORONTO AT 73 CECIL (with apes + dan's surf-punk band). Steve at Lop Lop's... Continue Reading →

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