West SYYYYde!

We left for our West Coast tour yesterday. We're doing the first few shows on our own and then catching up with the Rural Alberta Advantage in Winnipeg for the rest of our Canadian Winter Voyage. Lorna, D'Alex + Lane saw a Coyote in a cemetery today! Other notable items: Our 7 year old homie,... Continue Reading →


Super Moon

We played a wicked show last weekend at Divan Orange in Montreal. It was also a Full Super Moon. The moon hadn't been this close to us for over 18 years! april thought that Daniel, Lorna and Nicholas were admiring it together. She also thought it was sweet. Ohhh but it was a super street... Continue Reading →


D. Lee, with the amazing assistance of Dean + Neika Mo, silk screened these new shirts! As usual, they are limited! Get 'em while they hawwwt.

Interview at CKLN on The Full Moon Show

Daniel and april had the pleasure of representing Hooded Fang on CKLN 88.1's The Full Moon Show. Ricardo, the host, was friendly and funny. He played a bunch of our tracks on air, including Tosta Mista, a new song off of our upcoming album, Tosta Mista! We are looking forward to coming back to his show -... Continue Reading →

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